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Maldonado wears a tie for Father's Day, has 3 hits

Receiver Martin Maldonado celebrated Father's Day by wearing a blue tie on his chest protector and had three hits to bring the Kansas City Royals to the Minnesota Twins 8-6 on Sunday.

Maldonado scribbled the names of his father, brother, family and close friends on the tie, as well as "Happy Father's Day" downstairs.

"I just wanted to do something different for fathers, family members, friends," said Maldonado. "Something to wear for them."

Royals receiver Martin Maldonado made a statement with his tie and in front of the plate Sunday. Brad Rempel / USA TODAY Sports

Elias Diaz, the Pittsburgh Pirates defender, played the same game in Sunday's game against the Marlins. He took part in the Pirates' 5-4 win over Miami as a defensive substitute at the end of the eighth inning.

The sleepers were supplied by the All-Star equipment manufacturer.

Maldonado made two points, one with a single in a second run and another with a double to eighth.

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