Male viral videos claim to sleep on public transport to approach women

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Video of a man who is falling asleep to sleep on the shoulders of a viral woman on social networks.

By launching Coconuts, the video was shared by Edward Jerich Vergara Peñaflor's Facebook account, Monday (17/09/2018).

In the video that was circulating, a man pretended to be sleepy so he could press on the shoulder of a woman next to him wearing a blue shirt.

At that time, they boarded public transportation.

The woman has been seen several times trying to comb her hair and get rid of the man's head.

He seemed as troubled by what he was doing.

However, the man was still trying to rely on the woman.

Until the woman moves.

According to the information contained in the download, the incident occurred in the town of Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.

While Edward, who collected the video, said he saw the incident because he was driving the same vehicle.

In his download, the man had just entered the jeepney public transport in the Philippines when the incident occurred.

He slid the woman so he could sit next to him.

He then placed his left hand on the woman's waist.

The woman then moved her seat to be able to free herself from the hand of the man.

However, everything does not stop.

After that, the man pretended to sleep and rested his head on the woman's shoulder until she moved out.

He hastened to sit next to me, he was scared, "Edward wrote.

The video is viral and has been distributed up to 29 thousand times.

Many internet users have condemned the actions of the man.

Check out the video above. ( Widiastuti) [ad_2]