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Man who became viral for buying $ 540 of Girl Scout cookies arrested during the DEA drug seizure

Detric McGowan became viral over the weekend after spending $ 540 to buy the two-girl cookies, so that they did not have to stay in front of a grocery store in Greenville, South Carolina.

A photo of McGowan posing with the two girls was posted on Facebook by the cookie manager and communicated thousands of times. The story even had national coverage, including CNN.

The purchase arrived Friday.

On Tuesday morning, the authorities arrested McGowan on several counts, including conspiracy to manufacture and distribute heroin, cocaine and fentanyl.

Detric McGowan

The 21-page indictment also states that McGowan and 10 others conspired to import Mexico's drugs into the United States. Authorities said they found more than a million dollars in cash.

Although McGowan's lawyer, Janis Hall, did not comment on the case, she told CNN however that she thought she was a good person.

The DEA official said the viral picture this weekend had nothing to do with drug charges coming from the federal government, emanating from a grand jury formed in 2018.

The scouts said he was saddened to learn "the unfortunate turn of events in South Carolina". It is not clear if the Girl Scouts will have to return the money that they have received. CNN asked them to ask them questions but did not get an answer.

"We want to assure the public that all our daughters are currently safe, that all proper safety protocols have been followed during the sale, and that none of our daughters or volunteers have been threatened." said the organization in a statement.

"The troupe had no way of knowing who it was dealing with and all the reasons to assume that a good Samaritan wanted to help empower incredible Girl Scout experiences through the Girl Scout program. cookie. "

McGowan is one of 11 accused in the case and was arrested at his home in a rural area of ​​Laurens County, South Carolina. US Marshals seized cash and other assets at the time of his arrest.

According to the indictment, McGowan has been charged with eight drug – related charges, including possession conspiracy with intent to distribute controlled substances, conspiracy to import controlled substances and possession with intention of distribution and heroin.

Gianluca Mezzofiore from CNN contributed to this story.

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