Manchester City vs Watford score: Sterling, Jesus scores twice, City winning FA Cup and national triple


Manchester City became the first men's team in England to win the national triple. City beat Watford 6-0 Saturday in the FA Cup final. Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus each scored two goals. Sterling was originally credited with three goals, but one was awarded retroactively to Jesus.

After having already won the Premier League and the League Cup, the match was ended shortly after half-time. City led 2-0 at the break and 3-0 just 16 minutes into the second half.

Sterling dominated by his speed and technical skill, Jesus was clinically up close, David Silva scored the winner and Kevin de Bruyne added another goal as City made most of his shots on goal.

Watford came into this match as a heavy underdog, and that was evident early. Although Ederson was forced to make a few stops, City ended up doing too much,

Here is Silva's winning goal:

Sterling's two goals were scored in the last 10 minutes, as City controlled the ball, unfolded and allowed Watford to continue the whole game. Here is Sterling's second goal:

It was another prolific season for City, which finished the title of Premier League on Liverpool last Sunday. At present, the focus is on the celebrations, the summer and the goal of achieving an even more ambitious goal next season: win the Champions League.

Watford, for its part, finished a good season at a step of glory. A team with defensive difficulties, Watford has conceded 13 goals in the last three games.

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