Manhunt continues for Nash County escaped detainees, 2 in custody

NASHVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Two of the five detainees who escaped from the Nash County Detention Center were arrested.

Top: David Viverette, David Ruffin, Keita Murphy
Bottom: Raheem Horne, Laquaris Battle

According to the Nash County Sheriff's Office, David Viverette and Raheem Horne were captured at Rocky Mount.

Viverette, 28, has been incarcerated on numerous charges, including armed robbery, possession of a stolen motor vehicle, larceny and break and enter. Horne, 25, was awaiting trial for first-degree robbery, theft at common law and theft of a motor vehicle.

Sheriff Keith Stone said the five inmates were forced to cross a set in a fence in the exercise yard at 15:30. He said that it was possible for inmates to know that they were in the blind spot of a camera.

A manhunt is still underway for David Ruffin Jr., 30, Keonte Daemoan Murphy, 23, and Laquaris Rashad Battle, 22.

Their charges range from taking indecent liberty with a child to assault by strangulation and possession of drugs.

Stone says the FBI and other law enforcement agencies in the area are helping in the search. He urged residents to lock their homes and cars while the hunt continues.

A $ 1,500 reward is available for information capturing the remaining suspects.

Five detainees escaped Monday from the Nash County Detention Center and the search for them involves several law enforcement agencies.

The FBI, the United States Marshal Service, the NC State Highway Traffic Patrol and the regional sheriff's regional police and police are among the organizations involved in the search. escaped prisoners.

According to Nash County Sheriff Keith Stone, the inmates dug a fence in the training yard around 3:30 pm and escaped through the hole. Stone said that they had gone to a wooded area, where they might have been recovered by an accomplice.

"I think there was help out there and they saw a weak point in our infrastructure and they took advantage of it," Stone said.

The detainees were being watched by a camera in the yard, but the sheriff said the camera had been directed in a different direction at the time, which he called a "blind spot". He said that it was possible for inmates to know that they were in a blind spot when they escaped.

"We (the deputies) did not watch the detainees at that time, the camera system was shot in a different angle and they were in a blind spot."

Sheriff Stone stated that they were working diligently to bring the men back into custody and that they were asking for help from the public by saying, "If you see these detainees, let us know. cars and your houses. "

A reward is offered for information to locate escaped detainees. Sheriff Stone said the reward was $ 500 per individual.

The sheriff said his office had a manpower problem and that it was absolutely necessary to modernize the Nash County Detention Center.


Five inmates escaped from Nash County Jail this afternoon.

That happened around 4:00 pm and Sheriff Keith Stone said the inmates cut a fence to escape.

The detainees are Raheem Horne, Laquaris Battle, David Viverrette, David Ruffin and Keonte Murphy.

MPs say that an active search is underway for the five men. Anyone with information about them should contact the Nash County Sheriff's Office at 252-459-1510.

Horne, 25, was waiting for a trial for first degree robbery, theft at common law and theft of a motor vehicle.

Ruffin, 30, was in prison for possession of controlled substances in a prison, motor vehicle theft, robbery and possession of heroin.

Murphy, 23, was in prison on a charge of a simple offense.

Viverette was in prison for armed robbery, possession of a stolen motor vehicle, larceny of felony, and burglary.

There is still no information on the charges against Battle.

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