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Manny Machado has been deported

DENVER – Jubilation one night, frustration the next.
The good vibrations of the miraculous comeback of the Padres in the ninth round on Friday lasted until the fifth round on Saturday.
Then Manny Machado was ejected. A round later, manager Andy Green and southpaw Matt Strahm got fooled. In the process, the

DENVER – Jubilation one night, frustration the next.

The good vibrations of the miraculous comeback of the Padres in the ninth round on Friday lasted until the fifth round on Saturday.

then Manny Machado it's ejected. A round later, manager Andy Green and left-handed Matt Strahm have thrown themselves. At the same time, the Padres dug another seven point deficit against the Rockies and this time, despite their chances, they could not get out.

San Diego dropped Saturday night at Coors Field a 14-8 slugfest, a match that was overshadowed by a series of controversial interactions with Bill Welke – and this for the first time this year.

• The score of the box

Machado, 7-4 in the fifth inning, was tossed for playing balls and strikes after a quick shot at the German Marquez 2-2 limit on the outside corner.

"It's just my personal opinion, but I just felt like our launchers were doing some of these launches and not getting calls," Machado said. "… I just felt like it was unfair and it changed the momentum of the game and the momentum of the attack. I just had to tell him what it was.

As Welke signaled the ejection, Machado moved away. He threw away his helmet and shouted at Welke for a few moments before throwing his bat at the net. Obviously, strike three was just the tipping point.

An amateur reading on the lips clearly revealed that Machado's message was of the type "it's all over the game", with some mixed explanations. Green also quarreled, and Machado retreated into the canoe, where he had more choice words from the first step.

"It's only a moment in the game," Machado said. "We received a few calls that lacked a bit of attention and deserved a better hitting area."

A round later, Green is running. Strahm too, in a set of seemingly strange circumstances.

Following the expulsion of Machado, the Padres had chirped at Welke for most of the next two rounds. But when Welke turned to the canoe at the bottom of the sixth, Strahm hastened to say that it was not the case.

"[I was] encouraging my team mate, Phil Maton, "said Strahm. "I think the confusion between" Phil "and" Bill "is what happened there. That's all, that's it, come on, Phil.

Strahm had not been ejected yet when Green appeared for a not so civil conversation with Welke. At one point, Green seemed to have returned to his canoe. But he added a few more words, and that's when Welke threw him. Green had to be mastered by bench coach Rod Barajas.

This is the second time this season that Green is launched, both by Welke. The Padres skipper also competed against Arizona on April 2, when Machado was sidelined following a controversial call for interference.

Machado and Green both said the incident was without a future. They simply disagreed with Welke's strike zone on Saturday – and in Green's case with his understanding of the situation in the Padres canoe.

"Bill is cheated on who was screaming at who from the canoe," Green said. "… everything is born from it."

For Machado, it was his fifth career ejection and his first as Padre. Even with the withdrawal of the fifth inning, he has a record of 9 against 15 with three homers this weekend. After a slow onset of attack, it seems to be warming up.

The Padres, on the other hand, hit a rut. They lost six of seven, with their only win on Friday's ninth round of six innings.

Eric Lauer put the Padres in a deadlock early Saturday night. He was shaken for five points on 10 hits in 2 2/3 innings. Lauer has a 3.70 ERA in 34 starts outside Colorado. He has a 19.73 mark in three games at Coors Field. When asked if the launcher-friendly park might be in Lauer's head, Green was dark.

"He needs to restate if that's the case," Green said. "You can not enter a stadium and expect bad things before you get good results. It is unacceptable to have this mentality, so if it goes through his head, yes, he must possess it and go beyond that. "

Ian Desmond gave the Rockies 11-4 the advantage with a grand slam in the bottom half of the fifth. The Padres scored four points over the next two rounds without success.

"We have a lot of guys with a lot of fights trying to win a baseball game," said Green. "But we have not started well today. There is no other way around this.

Machado, watching from the visiting clubhouse, was particularly excited about this "fight".

"That tells you everything about the ball club," he said. "… we will continue to compete. No matter what happens, we are going to be a tough threat. "

AJ Cassavell covers the Padres for MLB.com. Follow him on Twitter @ajcassavell.

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