Manny Machado was much less impressed by his incredible throwing than by Adam Warren

It's Padres pitcher Adam Warren with a slightly clumsy smile at the bottom of the eighth round against the Diamondbacks on Friday. Why does he smile from one ear to the other? Because his teammate Manny Machado had just done this:

It's a whistle from the third goal in the race that lands perfectly in the glove of first baseman Eric Hosmer, who does not even need to stretch or anything to try to grab it. . Even more impressive is the fact that the launch was so fast that broadcast cameras could barely follow him live. Here is how it was traced:

After the match, the reporters asked Machado how he had made such a wild game look like a routine throw. He tried to downplay how incredible the game was and said it was "nothing new".

"That's why I practice," he added.

While it would be easy to think of these comments as an odious boastful hateful – especially given the misconceptions that some have about Machado – the rehearsals seem to show that he might have thrown the ball even more casually than the first look initially indicated.

As the reactions indicate, Warren was still talking about the game after the game.

"I do not know if you see anyone else playing this way," said Adam Warren, who was on the mound at the time.


"The way he threw it, it's just about the money," Warren said. "I'm just stunned, speechless."

Unless he wants to have a sore face because of his smile, Warren may have to try to get used to his team-mate's talents.

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