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(WSVN) – A man who has expressed his intention to live his last days in a Holiday Inn rather than a retirement home has become viral.

Terry Robison spoke to Facebook earlier this month to outline his plans for retirement.

"No retirement home for us. We will check into a Holiday Inn! "With an average cost of $ 188 per day for a retirement home, there is a better way to grow old and become too weak."

Robison said that he had reviewed the bookings for the hotel and that for a combined reduction in long-term stays and senior citizens, the bill would rise to around $ 59.23 a night.

The price includes breakfast, spa, swimming pool, gym and free toiletries.

Robison said that with the extra money that he saves by being at the hotel, he will be able to pay for other meals, linen and gratuities from the staff at the hotel. 39, hotel, etc.

He would not have to worry about anything to fix because the staff would do it for him.

Robison also explained that when he wanted to travel, he could easily move from one hotel to another and that his family could always come and visit him.

In regards to his health, he said that he would simply rely on Medicare to cover any medical expenses.

"When I reach that golden age, I'll face it with a smile," wrote Robison.

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