Marcus Smart ejected from Celtics-76ers for pushing Joel Embiid far enough

At the start of the third quarter of Wednesday night's Celtics-76ers game, Marcus Smart was hit with a slight whistle for skirting a pass for Joel Embiid near the top of the key, while the Celtics were in 11 Smart raising a stink About the fault, or maybe feeling that Smart was in an unstable state of mind, Embiid held out a sharp left elbow and placed Smart on a recessed screen. Smart is one of the most conflicting types of the NBA, and Embiid is one of the most antagonistic. Climbing was inevitable. Here is what happened:

It's quite possible that Embiid puts Smart on the elbow, and it's hard to say, but it seems that Emiidid was able to say something to Smart as he was slumped on the floor after the screen. But what's best in all this is that Smart does not seem worried to see Embiid, the big-ass rushing him up as an arbiter and that many of his teammates are struggling to cut his head. This can be interpreted as you wish – I would certainly put each of my internal organs in a trap and die instantly if Embiid attracts me like that – but it's worth remembering that NBA players are the best of me back! Smart has been present enough to know that most of them end up with a practical separation of the so-called brawlers at the right time.These whirlwinds are mostly theatrical, even the hand thrower Serge Ibaka has almost always never landed.

Smart's two-handed strike is seen to impose a flagrant penalty of 2, which is worth an automatic ejection. Embiid had nothing for the elbow, but was hit with a technical foul for the race. A few seconds later, Embiid was caught in the company of two Smart Celtics teammates, as he lives for the chance to shine and demoralize and solve his opponents in all other ways. The Sixers immediately started running 25 to 13 to take their first lead of the match. Sometimes a rough elbow is worth it.

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