Mariah Carey proves that Christmas creep is real


It's November 29th. If you're tired of decorations and Christmas music, you may not be a Scrooge – you just suffer from overexposure. The "Christmas creep" seems to have started earlier than usual this year, so "All I want for Christmas, it's you" Mariah Carey is an accurate measure. the Washington Post followed Google's interest in research into the 1994 hit, noting that it is currently "well ahead of previous years". As for previous years, a review of research behavior since 2006 shows that the upward trend starts in mid-September (yes, really), sees a significant jump around Halloween and receives a new boost in mid-November. Quartz found something similar by analyzing the annual resurgence of the song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, which ranks the most popular songs of the week.

Since Billboard allowed older songs to re-enter the charts in 2012, the popular song was created earlier each holiday season. This year it was created more than a week earlier than in 2017, beating 29th place from 16 to 22 November. Last year, the song made its debut in the charts of the week from December 1 to 7, a full week earlier than in 2012. "Before we know it," All I want for Christmas, it 's you "will be the song of the summer," Quartz shouts, although you probably do not hear Carey complaining. She has already cashed $ 60 million worth of "All I want for Christmas, it's you" – the title of her latest European holiday-themed tour, by Bustle – and turned her binoculars into 7 years in apparent fans. They singing background voices on the song in a video shared by Carey on Wednesday, by HuffPo. (Read more Christmas stories.)

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