A mixture of viral cakes attracts national attention, but the scenario as a whole is a nightmare for a Georgia woman who lost her job at Dairy Queen.

The incident began to attract attention on July 2, when Kensli Taylor Davis shared a message on Facebook with a photo of his 25th birthday cake purchased at Dairy Queen. The cake shows a marijuana leaf and what appears to be a "My Little Pony" that smokes with bloodshot eyes.

Davis said his mother had asked for a Moana-themed cake at a Dairy Queen in Milledgeville, Georgia. Instead, she got a cake on the theme of marijuana. The message elicited more than 12,000 reactions and was shared more than 13,000 times, mostly by people who mocked the confusion.

"I think they thought she'd said 'marijuana' because we came from southern Georgia and we had an accent." So, Moana, & # 39; Marijuana? " Davis told WMAZ-TV in Georgia.

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Cassandra Walker, Georgia mother of two who made the cake, does not laugh. She told USA TODAY that she had prepared the cake after her manager, who would have misunderstood Davis's mother, told him that everything was fine.

Walker said that Dairy Queen had sent him back for the mistake Monday, his birthday.

Warning: The embedded Facebook message below uses adult language

"It's not funny for me," Walker said in a phone interview with USA TODAY. "It's back to school, I have two little girls here, I have a car to repair, it's not funny to me."

Walker, who had been working at Dairy Queen for about a year, said the cake process, now viral, was overseen by the manager who misread the order.

"The manager was behind me while I was shooting the images from the Internet," Walker said. "It happened when I decorated the cake, when I wrapped the cake, it was she who pushed it forward."

She told Al Autry, who is one of the owners of the Dairy Queen, that she could no longer be employed.

"It was a simple misunderstanding from the beginning," said Autry in a statement to the United States today.

"Our cake decorator designed a cake based on what she thought she had heard the customer's order.When the customer retrieved it and said it was not what it was. She had ordered, we apologized for the mistake and we proposed to redefine her as she originally wanted.The client said that all was well, paid the cake and left.

The statement did not meet Walker's assertion that she had been fired.

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Walker said that she had spoken to both Davis and his mother about the cake. She said the two seem to be concerned about their "15 minutes of fame."

"I'm the one sitting here with two babies to be cared for," Walker said. "It's upsetting."

Walker added that on Thursday afternoon, a Dairy Queen official – a different person than the one who approved the cake – had called to offer his work.

"Look at everything it took," Walker said when asked why she had declined the offer.

"Just send me permission, write me, any of these things, I would have agreed with these things."

Davis did not respond to a USA TODAY Facebook message requesting a comment.

Walker said that Georgia being a state of "employment at will", it has no choice but to move on. At this point, she only wants to be able to take care of her 9- and 14-year-old daughters.

"It was a mistake," she said. "This could be considered a learning experience – I would have accepted that – I would have agreed to be writing – but to hold this position for almost a year and not to talk about it, do not have any problems, and just be dropped because of an error, this is not funny to me.

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