Marine Woman discovers a hidden camera in the bathroom of a woman in an American warship


TThe US Navy is investigating reports that a navy woman found a camera hidden in a woman's washroom aboard the USS Arlington in March.

The Naval Criminal Investigation Department has been searching for answers since then. According to a military official, the camera found can take pictures, but it is unclear if he can record a video.

"To protect the legal rights and privacy of all involved, we can not disclose details, names or other identifying information at the moment," said the spokesman for the Sixth Fleet, the Cape Kyle Raines.

The USS Arlington is docked in Greece after the start of its seven-month deployment in December.

Raines said the Navy / Marine Corps team took all reports of sexual harassment seriously and that the team took these allegations seriously.

NCIS told NBC News that he could comment on the investigation.

Similar investigations have been launched in the past, including an incident on USS Wyoming. Sailors used iPods and iPads, both prohibited on the ship, and acted as a watchman while a friend filmed comrades undressing.

A Wyoming sailor said that he and his counterpart rushed to secretly record each female while showering or changing during the three-month patrol. The sailor said that this would happen several times a day.

After a report on the incident, the submarine's commander-in-chief called this a "breach of trust".

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