Marines investigating video appearing to show men in blackface uniform


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By Elisha Fieldstadt

The Marine Corps is investigating a video that appears to show two San Diego-based Marines in blackface and one using a pejorative term.

In the videotwo men in uniform are wearing black masks with holes in their eyes, nose and mouth. The video starts with one of the men who says "blackface". We do not know what happened before he said the word.

Marines with the 3rd Naval Aircraft Squadron based at MCAS Miramar in San Diego, California.via Twitter

The other man then says "Hello, sir," greets and puts on his uniform. The other man answers "Hello, monkey."

A spokesman for the San Diego-based 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing said that he was aware of the video and that it was currently under investigation.

"Our leaders are committed to maintaining a climate of professionalism, dignity and respect," said the spokesman. "3rd MAW takes very seriously all allegations of discriminatory behavior, as they contrast with our core values ​​of honor, courage and commitment and do not reflect the discipline and professionalism of the sailors and seamen 3rd MAW. "

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