Mark Madden: Antonio Brown only thinks he's heading the Steelers


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As we prepare for the summit meeting between the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the one who thinks he owns the Steelers, the question arises: is the behavior of Antonio Brown well designed to get out of Pittsburgh, or is it he just crazy?

Here we are betting on this last point, because some of Brown's actions to force the problem were clearly counterproductive.

Brown liked two tweets referring to rape charges against Ben Roethlisberger in 2009 and 2009. Brown also tweeted that Roethlisberger had an "owner mentality" (it's actually a quarterback mentality).

Brown accused coach Mike Tomlin of telling his teammates that he had resigned. It was just after Brown had stopped playing the week leading up to the 17th week match against the Cincinnati Bengals. So Brown stopped. (Tomlin was supposed to keep this secret.)

By insulting Roethlisberger and Tomlin, Brown might think that prevents the Steelers from keeping him.

But it also makes it harder for the Steelers to trade Brown. What's stopping Brown from running his next shift or his next coach? Shifts and coaches see that, and that appeals to GMs and owners.

The Steelers will not let Brown get peanuts, and they should not.

The owner, Art Rooney II, probably did not reject the notion of Brown's return. If he did, he would not meet Brown, a proposal that Rooney would undoubtedly find unpleasant if he had no agenda.

Rooney does not need to close simply. Rooney needs to see this end favorably for his candor.

Rooney does not want Brown to move away from the Steelers either. He rightly sees this as a bad precedent.

But would he give Brown a year to prove it?

Le'eon Bell did it and he still has not left.

The Las Vegas sportsbook mentions the Arizona Cardinals in which the Brown team will most likely play in 2019. But the Steelers are the second favorite. Vegas gets it.

It's an excrement show, and it's Brown's fault. Every piece of it.

Ignore Brown's manipulations, especially the black / white dynamics that he casually tries to inject. No one in the history of the definition of this word has ever been as responsible as Brown in Pittsburgh, although it has certainly been activated.

Nothing more than Brown leaving Pittsburgh seems inconceivable.

But much remains to be decided.

Brown thinks he's in control of the situation, as evidenced by the announcement of his departure from Pittsburgh on Twitter, while he still has three years left in his contract with the Steelers.

Brown can leave the Steelers only if they allow him. He is an employee, just like the others.

But Brown treats the situation as a free agent. He posted a survey on Instagram asking fans where he should play.

It's no exaggeration to imagine Brown asking the Steelers to trade him where he wants to go or not to trade him where he does not.

The way the Steelers perceive themselves weighs in the scenario. Is the Super Bowl window still open?

The unavailability of Bell, Brown and Ryan Shazier argues otherwise. Roethlisberger's presence is optimistic, even if it is false.

Roethlisberger gives the Steelers a chance, but not realistic. Rooney might be interested in making the takeover of his franchise and cloakroom a priority more important than pursuing a Super Bowl pipe dream.

Does this mean that Brown's exchange against what the Steelers have to afford? Or does it mean keeping the appropriate supply at the expense of Brown's patience and lowering of his prime rate (a $ 2.5 million payment on the membership list on the 17th March will be cursed)?

Brown's recent tirade on Twitter was mostly gibberish.

The most amusing quote: "It's time to play for my own AB84 family team!"

Nobody has ever played more than himself for Brown. Nobody has ever made this more obvious.

Brown seems to think he will meet Rooney on an equal footing: "This is my first meeting with Mr. Rooney since Antonio Brown is the man who is not AB84, the locker player."

Brown is mistaken unfortunately. He is Rooney's contract employee, as when they spoke in the locker room.

Rooney would be wise to call Brown immediately and treat him accordingly.

Brown is not in control. Not unless Rooney capitulates.

Dan Rooney would not do it.

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