Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will not delay livestreams after the New Zealand massacre


In an interview aired Thursday on "Good Morning America," the Facebook CEO said a postponement could "limit" the number of views of a streaming video aired last month, with the goal of showing an armed man going to a mosque in New Zealand and opening fire.
"But that would also fundamentally break what the flow of music is for people.Most people are a party movie, you know, a birthday party or hang out with friends when they can not be together" Zuckerberg told George Stephanopoulos.

He added that the live broadcast was not limited to broadcasting: it "communicated" because people comment in real time.

"So, if you had a delay that would break that," Zuckerberg said.

After the attack, Facebook acknowledged that its artificial intelligence systems had failed to capture the live video of the attack. One of the shooters reportedly broadcast the attack on Facebook for 17 minutes. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter then struggled to stop the re-uploading of the video.

"It was a really terrible event," Zuckerberg said in the interview. "We need to build our systems to be able to identify live terrorist events more quickly."

Zuckerberg has been particularly public in recent days, sat down to chat with Axel Springer's CEO and published an editorial in the Washington Post, calling for more regulation of the internet.

"I think that setting up rules regarding political advertising is not the job of the company," Zuckerberg said during an interview Thursday during an interview about his calls for more regulation.

In the interview, Zuckerberg also raised a new potential scandal regarding the processing of user data. According to a report from UpGuard, a cybersecurity firm, two third-party Facebook application developers have stored user data on Amazon's servers so that they can be downloaded by the public.

"So we are always looking for that," he said. "In general, we work with developers to make sure they respect people's information and use it only in the way they want."

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