Marriott International has reached an agreement in principle on a new contract with 2,700 of its workers in Hawaii.

The workers are members of Section 5 of Unite Here. If ratified, the agreement will end the longest strike in the union's history.

Workers vote on the contract now. Polling stations close at 12:30 pm EST and results should be known by 1:30 am EST.

"We are grateful for the solidarity of our colleagues and for the support of the entire community," said Local 5 President Gemma Weinstein in a written statement.

The strike continues for 2,500 employees in seven properties in downtown San Francisco. This event is in its eighth week. Negotiations will resume on Saturday and Sunday.

Marriott has been negotiating with approximately 7,700 employees in eight cities since contracts expire in July and August. Workers include housekeepers, receptionists, restaurant staff, bellboys and other non-executive staff.

Two Marriott spokespeople have not responded to requests for comment tonight.

On November 18, Marriott agreed to contract striking workers at its Boston hotels after a 46-day strike. Contracts were also signed with employees in Detroit; San Jose, California; Oakland, California; and San Diego.

Employees have called for increased wages, job security as hotels adopt more technology and workplace safety.

The Oahu and Maui strike, which began on October 8, was one of the largest. The strike concerns five hotels owned by Kyo-ya and operated by Marriott: Sheraton Waikiki. Royal Hawaiian, Westin Moana Surfrider, Sheraton Princess Kaiulani and Sheraton Maui are also included.

"The new agreement meets the needs of our employees and Kyo-ya," Kyo-ya management said in a statement.

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