Marvel Avengers Game: Internet Is Not Nice For The E3 2019 Trailer Of Square Enix


The much anticipated first preview of the upcoming Avengers game, titled Marvel & # 39; s Avengers, finally took place at E3 2019 on Monday night. The Square Enix publication recorded the unveiling at the end of its press conference, but it probably did not spark the sort of reaction it would have liked on the Internet. Although featuring the Avengers team of the Marvel film universe, it does not present the similarities of those MCU players that fans have become accustomed to over the last ten years, resulting in contrails on social media.

The revealers of the Avengers finally showed something of the game on which Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal are currently working. Despite a prolonged look at Avengers, things remain pretty mysterious: although it 's a third person action game, the way it is played does not make any sense. is not particularly clear. We know that this is an original story of the Avengers (in the same way that the recent game of Insomniac, Marvel's Spider-Man, has been dissociated from existing scenarios). And it looks like Captain America is buying it early in the game. The story resumes five years later after their dissolution, after being accused of having destroyed much of San Francisco.

The presentation contained many news, including the upcoming beta version of Avengers on PS4 and its release date. Although the action is cinematic in the game's trailer, the Square Enix announcement included details such as cooperative play, free downloadable content after the game's release, and an all-star vocal distribution featuring Troy Baker, Laura Bailey, Nolan North, Travis Willingham and Jeff Schine, it's the design of the characters that captured the imagination, not in a good way

It's not just that the portraits of MCU actors were not used – although it was part of the reaction. Captain America's riot officer armor and Thor's strange lighthouse shirt were some of the problems that many people seemed to have with the grounds. There were also many people who wondered where Hawkeye was. You can check some of the vilest (or funniest) reactions below.

We have many more reports on E3 2019 throughout the show, including a summary of all the news from the Square Enix press conference and all other press conferences. Be sure to check the news, previews, and impressions of the biggest gaming show all week. Among other things, we have taken another look at another Marvel game, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, which will arrive on Switch in July. A new trailer featured his characters and we learned that some of the teams were under DLC.


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