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Marvel boss has settled a big debate of 'Avengers: Endgame' – BGR

With $ 2.5 billion to its credit as the fourth weekend of the box-office film approaches, Avengers: End of the game is not only the biggest MCU movie to date, it's about to become the most profitable movie ever. It's also probably the most important film of 2019, and I'm well aware that the final Star wars should also be released this year. Avengers 4 It's a huge feat for Marvel, but that does not mean it's perfect, and we've discussed the various controversies that arose after the film was released. Captain America is the subject of at least one heated debate between fans, and even top End of Game leaders, who can not agree on the fate of Steve Rogers at the end of the film. The filmmakers say that the chronology is different, which is quite logical, while the writers claim that it has always been in the main timeline of MCU – Earth-616 -. But there is another Cape-related debate about his dignity, and he has now been put aside.

Cape calling Mjolnir is easily one of the highlights of End of Game, and there are a lot of fantastic scenes in the movie. Steve takes the hammer that Thor brought him from the past and uses it to hit Thanos. He then calls it back just before telling the famous line we were waiting for. And he continues to brandish Mjolnir, and even Stormbreaker at some point, throughout this epic fight.

This is where the MCU fans do not agree on when Steve has become worthy of the hammer, and all this goes back to a cute scene of Avengers: the era of Ultron. Every member of the Avengers team tries to take the hammer, as Thor makes fun of them for not being worthy. When it's time to do it, Steve pushes him back just enough so Thor is stressed, but Cape does not lift the hammer:

Some people think that he's always been worthy, but Cape has chosen to hide it. Others say that because he lied to Tony all these years, he was not worthy. I was personally in the old camp. Thor's reaction: "I knew it" when Cape finally called Mjolnir is invaluable, by the way. And we now have the answer we were looking for.

Kevin Feige went on Reddit for an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session, during which he answered some of the many questions fans had asked. The dignity of Cape Town has been raised. Of course.

"Mjolnir's hat lift was one of the strongest moments (cheering crowd) of End of Game, "Is one of the questions asked by Redditor." Does he become worthy at that time or is he worthy for some time, say, Avengers: the era of Ultron? "

"We think that he was always worthy and that he was polite Age of UltronReplied Feige. And we all know how polite Steve Rogers can be, is not it?

If that's not enough, Joss Whedon responds to a variant of the same question and makes it clear that they intentionally planted this Mjolnir seed:

Notice, it happened all the way in 2015, after Age of Ultron hit the theaters.

Feige's complete AMA is available below:

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