Marvel Partners with Nine-inch Nails for Captain Marvel T-Shirt


Nine Inch Nails was an important part of the costume of Captain Marveland now the band is teaming up with Marvel for a new t-shirt. The group's official website has published a shirt as part of a collaboration with Marvel to commemorate the release of the film.

The black and white shirt features the NIN logo in the middle of a Hala star, symbol of the Kree Empire and a significant part of Carol's (Brie Larson) uniform in the film. When she does not see her uniform, Carol wears the classic gray NIN logo on white.

The list for the t-shirt reads as follows: "Marvel has approached Nine Inch Nails about making a collaborative t-shirt to celebrate the release of Captain Marvel, in which Carol Danvers proudly displays a NIN jersey throughout the film. This item will be available for a very limited time on the store It will cost you $ 25 and will ship in the last week of March.

Costume designer Sanja Milkovic Hays told Pop Sugar his decision to use the NIN t-shirt: "There was a lot of [about which band would go on her shirt]because we thought about music, but we also had to look at the logos. We looked at some group logos, and some of them are very busy, very colorful and that sort of thing. Therefore, even if their music could suit the character, it distracts his face too much. But Nine Inch Nails was rather sweet and subtle. It's there, but your eyes keep coming down, which draws your attention to his face. "

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