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Marvel's Avengers SDCC gameplay reveals that it will apparently not be made public

& # 39; For Hall H participants only & # 39;

"What is the problem with Marvel & # 39; s Avengers"That's how Jordan started his gigantic glimpse of E3, and as informative as it may seem, this article still seems a very valid question." E3 came and went, and the general population saw almost nothing Marvel & # 39; s Avengers it would help to define exactly what type of game it is. Fortunately, a good game is planned for the San Diego Comic-Con so that everyone can have a real insight into the details of this intriguing superhero game.

Not so fast! As DualShockers has noted in a recent press release, it appears that what will happen at SDCC will remain at SDCC. The wording of Square Enix is ​​very calculated, and says (underlined by me): "Join Shaun Escayg, creative director at Crystal Dynamics, and the casting performance of Marvel & # 39; s Avengers for a special presentation that will include new information and the first public gameplay will reveal reserved for Hall H participants. "

Why? Assuming this is correct and Square Enix does not immediately download the footage, why keep everyone in the dark? There was a big disappointment after the E3 revelation did not show enough. This is an opportunity to reverse this perception for everyone – not just for those who can go to an extremely crowded convention.

There is a good chance that the presentation of SDCC will be identical to the one presented at the E3 in camera. This was enough to deserve a nomination as one of our Best of Show games. It sounds like something you would like people to see! Why waste a small number of privileged while keeping the rest of your population on a breakdown of information? Sometimes you hold your cards too close to your chest.

A Marvel Avengers gameplay video will be presented at the San Diego Comic-Con Panel for attendees only [DualShockers]

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