Marvel's Kevin Feige Approves Chris Evans's Political Twitter


Who will be campaigning door to door for America? Wear the flag side by side, for America?
Image: Marvel Studios

Sometimes life imitates art – and in today's social media, it means that celebrities on Twitter are becoming more and more similar to the characters we know and love them for playing. Few people imitate this ideal more than Chris Evans, who brandishes his Captain America online could … for, well, dunk on silly American politicians.

Evans' avowed disgust for the Trump administration has been a problem for a long time, and it's sometimes refreshing to see him unfold on Twitter as he actually becomes a Steve Rogers of the real world. It's disarming, because after all, Evans is one of the faces of one of the largest film franchises on earth, the Walt Disney Company, which … well, let's just say it has a charge relationship with trying to defend that its blockbuster franchises inherently politically tinged as Star wars and Marvel films have no politics at all and are aimed at everyone, no matter where they are in the ideological spectrum. Because a consumer's dollar is still a dollar for Mickey Mouse.

So, one would think that Chris Evans' idea against all the latest cruel absurdities from Donald Trump's mouth would give the Mouse House – the same one who very badly tried to say, "We do not think that this movie about space A group of various insurgents rising to fight an empire of space fascists directly inspired by the aesthetics of the Nazis has a policy in every way, in fact "there is a few years – very eager that the actor does not do it.

But as part of a broad profile with the Hollywood Reporter, Evans revealed that his Marvel Studios director, Kevin Feige, was encouraging his thoughts on Twitter and that Marvel, as a larger entity, was not telling him never talked about it:

He's afraid of doing too much of this stuff, of appearing performative or becoming a white noise – Chris Evans, back on his bullshit. He's not afraid to say anything online that could inspire MAGA-animated fans to microwave their Captain America Action Figures. And for what it's worth, he says, "Marvel never said anything. On the contrary, when I come across Kevin Feige, the first thing that comes out of his mouth is "dude, I like what you do [on Twitter]. "

Feige even added that part of the joy of everything is that it's actually very on the mark for Captain America:

I do not see this as a basket. I see him as very astute, very honorable, very noble, very like Cap. Commentary and questioning. I told him, "You are merging! The character and you are merging!

It's fascinating because, as I said, Disney and its acquisitions are generally quite reluctant to admit that even their most egregious stories have a political connotation. I mean, if they are ready to fight for a so-called non-political Star wars, who can say that they would not want to do the same thing with a character who literally dresses in the colors of the American flag, tap an A on his hat and hit the evil fascists with a shield on the living stars and stripes theme? The one that is partly defined by the political angles of his stories in comics, for better or for worse?

But it's also a fascinating contrast to the other side of Marvel – its comic book division, under the eyes of Marvel Entertainment's president, and Trump's government supporter, Ike Perlmutter. Last year, the same division of comics canceled a Darth Vader Star wars The series must be written by author Chuck Wending, in part because Wendig was too vocal – too "vulgar", in particular – about his own views on the Trump administration on Twitter.

Feige notably took control of Marvel Studios under the auspices of Perlmutter a few years ago to bring it directly to Disney, partly because of the famous frugality of Perlmutter. It seems like a gesture that has had other benefits for Feige and the distribution of his films, but something that does not necessarily apply to the creative behind the comics that inspire them.

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