Mary Barra Unveils Chevy's New Secret Corvette – Newswatch

Mary Barra presents Thursday in New York Chevy's new secret Corvette.

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – That's enough to convince fans of Corvette – a new interpretation of the classic sports car is forthcoming.

And General Motors has announced a major change in the next generation of Corvette, which will be unveiled on July 18th.

In anticipation of the unveiling, General Motors released a photo showing Mary Barra, GM's President and CEO, next to a new-generation camouflaged Corvette on Thursday in New York.

The sports car is manufactured at a GM plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

GM confirms that, in the new model, the engine goes from under the hood to the fork between the cockpit and the rear wheels – a "central engine" design.

Chevrolet says the next-generation Corvette will be "the sum of every generation that precedes it," but "will remain alone as a new performance standard."

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