Mary-Poppins Returns: Lin-Manuel Miranda has had the "ten toughest seconds of his life"

Lin-Manuel Miranda may have had one Emmy, three Tonys, three Grammys and a Pulitzer Prize, but his new role in Mary Poppins Returns challenged him.

The composer and star "Hamilton" was traded on Tuesday by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to discuss the much-anticipated Disney film, which follows the classic "Mary Poppins" of 1964, with Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke.

Playing Jack the lamp lighter facing Emily Blunt in the role of Poppins involved a lot of singing and dancing, many of which naturally came to the Broadway icon. However, Miranda said that one scene in particular required him to perform several tasks at a time.

"There is a scene in this movie where I light a lamp, ride a bike, steal an apple in a cart, throw it to an orphaned child, while singing with a Cockney accent," he said. told the host EllenDeGeneres. "This moment is the hardest of 10 seconds of my life."

Later in the interview, DeGeneres challenged Miranda at a holiday-themed "Taste Buds" edition, asking her to identify Thanksgiving foods such as mashed potatoes. , cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie blindfolded.

Although early reviews of "Mary Poppins Returns" were almost universal, Miranda will spend much of the holiday season preparing for her return to the music scene. He is about to resume his role as Alexander Hamilton in a Puerto Rican production of "Hamilton" in January 2019.

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