Massacre on the neck: A murdered brother intended to cut ties with a murderer for losing money, say cops


Man accused of killing his brother and his entire brother's family at Colts Neck last year was about to be cut off from their once-booming tech society after the disappearance of money, according to an affidavit undisclosed published Monday.

Paul Caneiro, 51, is accused of shooting down his brother, Keith, before killing his sister-in-law, 8-year-old niece and 11-year-old nephew. He then burned down their house and later his own house, authorities said. His lawyers claimed that he was innocent and said that he would never hurt his family.

The criminal complaint published Monday says the opposite.

Paul Caneiro was a minority member of Square One, a technology consulting firm based in Asbury Park, but his brother, Keith, was frustrated with the amount of money Paul spent on his business accounts, according to the report. affidavit. Keith, who owns 90% of the company's capital, told trading partners that he was considering cutting payments to Paul's wife, who was collecting money on behalf of her husband after having injured him in a car accident and declared him invalid.

Keith Caneiro also wanted these payments to stop until he finds the source of the money gone, he said in an email, according to the complaint. According to the complaint, Keith sent this email to another brother on November 19, the night before his dead discovery at his Colts Neck mansion.

The probable cause affidavit provides a fresh overview of the appalling killings. Monmouth County District Attorney Christopher Gramiccioni had previously told reporters that the reason was "financial in nature" but declined to say.

NJ Advance Media reported in December that Square One, which had already yielded up to $ 5.5 million in revenue, was a shell, still largely afloat thanks to a contract with a client, the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. The two brothers also owned a pest control company located in the same Asbury Park office.

According to the affidavit, Keith Caneiro told his other brother that he wanted to sell one of the companies.

Killing Colts neck: the rise and fall of the Caneiro brothers

The affidavit also confusingly exposes the events of November 20 and the evidence gathered by the investigators in their case against Paul Caneiro. He is charged with four counts of first degree murder and is still incarcerated at Monmouth County Prison in Freehold. A grand jury issued an indictment against him on Monday. One of his lawyers, Bob Honecker Jr., did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

On November 20, at around 1:30 am, a video surveillance of one of the many cameras attached to Paul Caneiro's home, Ocean Township, filmed him to his video surveillance recording system in his garage, the report said. The system stops recording at this time. He went on to inform the authorities that he did not remember why he turned off the system, but that it was causing a slowdown in his Wi-Fi network. The detectives determined that the system is hardwired and not based on Wi-Fi, says the report.

Shortly before 2:00 am, a surveillance camera from a house behind Paul Caneiro's Tilton Drive house captures the headlights leaving his driveway.

At 15 Willow Brook Road, in Colts Neck, the vast million-dollar mansion of Keith Caneiro, a neighbor calls 911 at 3:33 and reports hearing five shots in the area. Another neighbor of Willow Brook Road told investigators that she remembered hearing the same number of shots at 3:10 am.

Authorities say Paul Caneiro shot his brother in the lower back and shot him four times in the head. His body was found on the lawn. Jennifer Caneiro, 45, was found dead on the stairs leading from the basement to the first floor of the house, according to the report. A medical examiner determined that she had died as a result of a gunshot wound to the head and several stab wounds to the torso.

Sophia Caneiro, 8, and her 11-year-old brother Jesse have been stabbed several times, according to the report. Sophia was found on the landing of the stairs between the first and the second floor. His brother was found in the kitchen.

The horrific discoveries were made at about 12:40, when Colts Neck police responded to the house to report a fire. Authorities say Paul Caneiro set fire to the basement of the house after the killings, but it is unclear how the fire has gone unnoticed for so long.

An aerial view of the authorities who responded to a violent fire in Colts Neck on November 20th. (Andrew Mills | NJ Advance Media for
An aerial view of the authorities who responded to a violent fire in Colts Neck on November 20th. (Andrew Mills | NJ Advance Media for Andrew Mills | NJ Advance Media for

That morning, at 4:08 am, the surveillance camera behind Paul Caneiro's Ocean Township home on Tilton Drive watches the headlights of a vehicle coming home.

Police from the Township of Ocean responds to Tilton Drive's home at 5:01 am after reporting smoke inside the residence. The fire was reported by a woman who fled the house, according to the 911 call, obtained by NJ Advance Media. She reported that everyone had evacuated the house safely and that she did not know where the fire was coming from.

Police officers who responded to the investigation found a fire burning at the back of the house, the affidavit said. A small fire was also discovered on the lower part of the garage door.

Paul Caneiro's wife and the couple's two daughters were sitting in a car in front of the house when the police arrived, the report said.

A red gasoline canister and a charred rubber glove were found next to the white Macan Porsche Paul Caneiro was renting while his car was under repair at the dealership, according to the report.

According to the police, inside the house, the police found two lighters, one of which was on a small table in the living room near the front door. Representatives from the Monmouth County Fire Marshal's office determined that the fire was incendiary and had been fired by combustible gases.

Paul's wife told the investigators that she did not know anyone who wanted to hurt her family.

Gramiccioni, the prosecutor, had already told reporters that Caneiro had set fire to his own home both to try to destroy the evidence that he had brought back from Colts Neck and to "trick" into believing that the extended family of Caneiro had been targeted.

The next day, November 21, Caneiro was arrested and charged with arson after setting fire to his own house with his family inside, authorities said.

But this pale with the evidence that the authorities said they soon found.

Two days later, detectives returned home to Paul's Tilton Drive with a K-9 in search of blood, the report said.

They quickly found a plastic container full of blood-stained clothes and a latex glove, the complaint said. The police also claimed to have found a 9mm bullet that corresponds to a case found in Keith Caneiro's home at Colts Neck.

Outside the home, a search of a Porsche Cayenne found a backpack with a laptop, Paul Caneiro's passport, the barrel of a 9mm Sig Sauer rifle, a silencer and a night vision, according to the report.

The police also found a gun safe in the basement of Paul Caneiro with many guns and ammunition. Neighbors previously told NJ Advance Media that Paul Caneiro was a gun enthusiast and that he belonged to a local lineup.

On November 27, detectives received results from the New Jersey State DNA Laboratory that the blood found on Paul Caneiro's basement clothes matched that of Sophia, according to the report. .

His blood was also found on a knife left at the Colts Neck residence, according to the report.

On November 29, Paul Caneiro was charged with first degree murder for the death of his brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew. Authorities announced the charges at a press conference reserved for journalists in the country's newsrooms.

It is likely that the case of Caneiro will not be tried until 2020, said Gramiccioni.

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