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Massive failure of target registry causes confusion in country stores

Chaos reigned over the order lines in Target stores across the country when a suspected technical problem caused registry failures for hours on Saturday. The widespread failure of the registers broke out in the afternoon, one of the busiest times for weekend shoppers.

Target spokesperson Danielle Schumann said the outage was due to an "internal technology problem" and assured HuffPost that it was not caused by a data breach or the security.

According to the spokesperson, the blackout lasted only about two hours, but buyers on social networks compared the inconvenience to an event staging the end of the world.

People used #Targetgeddon and #TargetApocalypse to show what the blackout looked like in their local stores. Most of the photos and videos reveal long lines filled with caddies full of baskets pushed by annoyed people.

The closure of the registry, which lasted several hours, seems to have affected stores in Washington, New Jersey, Florida, California and more.

Texas News Producer Witnesses Target and Starbucks Employees distribute french fries and drinks keep customers in the queue.

Target employees in Dallas, Texas, attempted to manually enter product barcodes to address the store issue, the Dallas Daily Morning News reported.

A Target enthusiast in Baltimore, Maryland, told The Baltimore Sun that this several hour break-up had prompted him to shop for more retail products instead of waiting for records to be kept. work.

"I was just hanging out in the store to buy things," said 26-year-old Sun Erica Lefkoe.

Apparently, some buyers could not handle the stress and did the unthinkable: they left their baskets filled with products in the store.

The blackout also inspired colorful, and possibly fictitious, stories that shed light on what customers may have experienced that day.

Target's spontaneous outage recalled memories of another major failure suffered by Target customers in recent years.

In 2013, hackers stole sensitive information, including credit card numbers, debit cards and PINs, from approximately 70 million target customers.

As a result, the retail giant had to pay $ 18.7 million in a settlement involving 47 states and Washington D.C.

Schumann told HuffPost that Target had completed an initial review of Saturday's outages and determined that it was not "a data breach or security issue," and that no guest information was compromised at any time.

The company said Target's registries were "totally online" starting Saturday night.

"Our technology team has worked quickly to identify and resolve the problem and we apologize for the inconvenience and frustration this has caused our customers," said Schumann.

At the end of the Target crash in 2019, at least some buyers paid tribute to those who needed it most on Saturday: heroes in red shirts and khaki pants.

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