Matches awarded to Bayern's tough 3-2 win against Augsburg


Today, both teams have surprised the spectators. Bayern Munich played well below his level and Augsburg played surprisingly above – for a player who is 15th in the Bundesliga standings. If we compare today's performance to cinema-like rewards, we would have more "rewards" for Gold raspberry than Oscars. But since we only reward good performances, it was not easy to choose some remarkable performances, because most were mediocre. But we will persevere. Without further ado, here are the match awards!

Jersey swap: Dong-Won Ji

He was probably the most dangerous man in Augsburg. For Manuel Neuer, it was always a tricky affair when Ji ran inside the right flank or had good passes in the center. He scored the second goal of his team after a bad clearance from Niklas Süle. Philipp Max also had a good match with some good runs and two assists.

It was not his best performance, but Thiago still managed to prevent Augsburg's attacks and control the ground as much as possible. Along the way, he has run a lot today and covered a lot of space. Incidentally, Thiago has achieved a solid 92% pass, to which we are now accustomed. One can however wonder how Thiago will react to Liverpool's attacks. I think he's had an average performance, but for the Champions League, we need him at his best!

David Alaba also did not have a perfect night, but he managed to score the winning goal of the match. Rekordmeister. He often had problems with his opponents but, fortunately for him, Kingsley Coman was there to help him. He should definitely be more focused on tougher opponents – say, Mohamed Salah. But from a positive point of view, his partnership with Coman flourished today and they looked very good together. Their partnership seems to improve from one game to the other. It will be very interesting to see how their partnerships will develop and match one with Franck Ribery. Unfortunately, if Coman proves that he is injured, the project will be suspended.

Hummels made a very good match. He has been very good lately, except for occasional errors in front of goal. Today, as is the case for most Bayern defenders, he was more valuable for his game than for his real defense. If you look at his heat map, you can see that he was much more active in the middle of the field than in the penalty area. He won 9 duels out of 10 and got 92% accurate passes and two assists. One of them was remarkable: he dispossessed his opponent, then managed a fantastic dribble and sent a perfect pass to Serge Gnabry – who unfortunately wasted the attack. Overall, a good performance of Mats.

In the footnote: what would you think about Mats playing as a defensive midfielder?

Match picture: Kingsley Coman

It was absolutely vital for Die Roten aujourd & # 39; hui. He scored two goals and helped one. It is good to see him return to his form. His passes and centers were at the rendezvous throughout the match. He probably could have ended the match with extra help, but his teammates in the penalty box failed to capitalize. Of all the players in today's awards, he is probably the only one to have an indisputable place. He also got a score of 9.5 on WhoScored and fully deserved the applause of the match man. But … his night may have ended on a tragic note. After a remarkable performance, at the end of the match, Coman started limping after a difficult tackle. Niko Kovač later stated that the injury was not good. We will see tomorrow what will happen with him. Let's hope he succeeds in the match against Liverpool. We need him.

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