Matt Campbell, Iowa State, faces everything, and speculation about his future is no different – The Athletic

AMES, Iowa – In the world of coaching, job speculation determines whether you expect it or not.

On August 3, the first day of training, the Iowa State Football Coach, Matt Campbell, entered the lobby of the Jacobson Building and s'. is held in front of the reporters. His opening statement contained no ounce of strategy or staff comments. Instead, it was a testimony to the fact that Campbell wanted to focus on the state of Iowa and not on the innuendos of the coach on the # 39; Ohio.

Campbell, a native of Ohio and a 38-year-old industry player, was quickly seen as a likely successor to Urban Meyer, suspended for three games for mishandling accusations of violence. against a former staff member and falsely presented the situation in public. Rather than allowing the situation to escalate, Campbell offered a firm way to eliminate future issues.

"For my part, I will never talk about what happens in other schools or universities," he told reporters.

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