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Mayim Bialik reveals that she spent Thanksgiving with her ex-husband and his new girlfriend: "I was nervous".

Mayim Bialik admits that she was "nervous" about spending the Thanksgiving holiday with her ex-husband and new girlfriend.

On Tuesday, the "Big Bang" star posted a new post on her blog, "Grok Nation," where she reflected on the possibility of going out with her ex-husband, Michael Stone, and her new girlfriend for Thanksgiving.

"I spent Thanksgiving at my ex-husband's house, it was a real relief not to be lodged, I usually do, but this year my ex-volunteer volunteered," she began. . "We all got our hands dirty and cooked, but it was so nice not to have to worry about cleaning and dishes, etc."

Bialik then revealed that she was not the only ex there.

"He welcomed his girlfriend, his children and his ex-husband," she said before adding that her mother and best friend were also present at the Thanksgiving dinner.

"Most of the people I mentioned on our guest list think it's crazy to be there with her ex, her girlfriend and her ex," she said. "It's too close, too weird, too awkward, it was the first time we had cooked that kind of meal together."

Despite the discomfort she was experiencing spending time with her ex and the new woman of her life, Bialik explained that she had decided to "pass" the event for her children and her family .

"I want to be with my children and I want to be with them as we celebrate events together," she said. "Making a separate vacation seems excessive and sad, we are a family even though we are divorced, I want to see them eat the food we are preparing for them and it is good to sit at a table with them and their father.

The newly single star also explained that "this year was all about change" and that she "forced" herself "not to wallow in self-pity".

"Life can be painful, the loss is painful," she writes. "The pain must not paralyze us, she may be present while moving forward, this year she has propelled me to my ex-husband's home."

At the end of the ticket, Bialik revealed that the day had been "excellent" despite his initial reservations.

"It was a nice evening, we did a puzzle and watched part of Macy's parade, we also watched a little football, the food was excellent and there were a lot of leftovers. I did not eat so much that I felt sick, "she joked. "There are many blessings, and I hope you have found some holiday weekend too.

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