McCarthy Incident: What is the rarity of a WIAA complaint? Only 15 to 20 a year


GREEN BAY (WLUK) – FOX 11 has learned how often many complaints are filed with WIAA, such as the case of a high school basketball incident involving former Packers coach Mike McCarthy.

Academy Notre Dame apologized Thursday, two days after McCarthy "scolded" the referees after defeating a point of the school against Pulaski High School. McCarthy's son-in-law is in the team.

FOX 11 was the first to get a video of the incident from the Pulaski School District. The district has confirmed that it is McCarthy that you see in the video.

A "vulgar tirade" is the way in which one of the game's officials described the meeting with FOX 11. The video has no sound, and the referee did not want to interview what was said.

The WIAA told FOX 11 that a complaint for "abuse against contest officials", such as the one filed after Notre Dame's match, has only been received 15 to 20 times per school year. The agency reports that there are about 123,000 university sporting events per school year. This would mean that, on average, a complaint is filed once for 6,150 university events.

"People are shouting at us and we can take care of it," said Barry Mano, president of the National Association of Sport Officials. "People are starting to try to invade our physical space, that causes a lot of concern."

Mano said he spoke about the McCarthy incident with a number of referees who played in his matches in the NFL, including former president of the league officials, Mike Pereira.

"It's so wrong," said Mano. "That's what I heard from all those people who know, who have refereed a lot of his games. This is so out of place for Mike McCarthy. So, it bothers him that he turns into a fan and then he embarks on that path. "

Notre Dame Academy issued the following statement Thursday:

"Our Lady Academy is based on the values ​​of faith, respect, responsibility, service and trust.The behavior shown by the parent during Tuesday night's match is unacceptable at sporting events and does not reflect the Whole of our institution.

Last night, a director of Notre Dame Academy received an apology from the parent involved. We appreciate his action and we look forward to progress in a respectful and esteemed way.

We thank all the officials participating in the sport competitions, especially during our conference and our state, for the time and commitment they have dedicated to our student athletes. "

"He has to tell parents and fans, look, do not do like me," said Mano. "We need these people here to referee our games. They are extremely important to us, so I apologize, especially to those who run the matches in that state. It would go a long way. "

Former Packers head coach Mike McCarthy watches the Notre Dame Academy boys' basketball team against Pulaski High School on February 26, 2019. (Photo credit: WLUK)

Despite several requests from the McCarthy representative agency, FOX 11 was not able to talk to him. Officials he followed after the match did not hear from him, nor did Pulaski High School, where the match took place.

The WIAA said it asked Notre Dame Academy to investigate this incident and ensure that it does not happen again.

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