Children, most of us wanted to call the police on our parents for putting us out or not taking us to Chuck E. Cheese when we wanted to. Mercer Morrison of Buzz60 has history.

A 5-year-old Michigan boy tried to satisfy his desire for fast food by dialing the only available number on a deactivated cell phone: 911.

When the dispatcher responded to the call from Iziah Hall early last Sunday, reported local channel WZZM-TV, who explained his urgency.

"Can you bring me McDonalds?" He asked.

Dispatcher Sara Kuberski said that she could not, but contacted police officer Dan Patterson.

"I was laughing for myself … 5-year calls are sent and order to McDonald's," Patterson told WZZM.

The officer drove to the home in Iziah, Wyoming, for a welfare check, and decided to stop at a McDonald's home. s en route to order food for the boy.

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Nobody answered when Patterson knocked on the front door, so he knocked on a window and found Iziah.

"I think the first thing he said was:" My grandmother is going to be so angry, can you leave, do you like it? " Patterson told WZZM.

Patterson waited until Iziah's grandmother, who was asleep when the boy called, opened the door. The agent then taught the boy when to call 911.

Iziah was able to contact 911 by connecting the disabled cell phone to the Internet, reported the station, much to his grandmother's surprise.

"We have a lot of people letting their kids play on their cell phones and many of them are turned off and the parents do not realize that they can still call 911," Kuberski told WZZM.

To avoid accidental 911 calls on old phones, the Federal Communications Commission recommends checking to see if the 911 feature can be disabled via the device settings.

Iziah told WZZM that he thought the incident was funny, but his grandmother said that he understood what can now be qualified as an emergency.

Other unusual 911 calls made in recent years, including an Indiana child asking for help at a dispatcher to help him with his math homework. After watching videos of Grinch's Christmas robbery, a 5-year-old from Mississippi dialed 911 to report his concerns.

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