Measles spreads in Alberta after Vancouver-Edmonton flight


A case of measles has now been confirmed in Alberta after an infected individual has passed from Vancouver to Edmonton.

The Public Health Agency of Canada informed Alberta Health Services that a laboratory-confirmed person with measles had traveled to Leduc, Alberta. all infectious.

The person was on Air Canada flight AC233 on February 12.

"Given the potential exposure time, post-exposure vaccination is not effective. Individuals are encouraged to monitor symptoms for 21 days after the date of potential exposure, which can go up to March 5, 2019, AHS advised. "If measles symptoms develop, these people are advised to stay at home and call Health Link at 811, before going to a health facility or health care provider."

The symptoms of measles include:

  • fever of 38.3 ° C or higher; and
  • cough, runny nose and / or red eyes; and
  • skin rash with red spots appearing three to seven days after the onset of fever, starting behind the ears and on the face and spreading to the body, then to the arms and legs.

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