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Medical Examiner: Eric Garner dies of asthma caused by police officer

The doctor who performed the autopsy on Eric Garner said Wednesday that a police officer had strangled him with enough force to trigger a "deadly stunt" of events, culminating in a deadly asthma attack.

The doctor, Floriana Persechino, said that Garner's headscarf and chest compression during his arrest on Staten Island in 2014 "triggered a deadly sequence."

Although Mr. Garner was suffering from hypertension and chronic asthma, Dr. Persechino, a medical examiner in the city, concluded that his death was a homicide attributable to the use of force by the police officer. "Strangulation is an important initial factor in the cascade," she said.

Dr. Persechino testified at the disciplinary hearing of Constable Daniel Pantaleo, who could be dismissed under the charge of indiscriminately using a strangling and voluntarily restricting him. breathing.

Mr. Garner died during a brawl with several police officers in July 2014 near the Staten Island ferry terminal. The police arrested him because they thought he was selling untaxed cigarettes.

His death sparked demonstrations and contributed to a national judgment on how the police treat people from poor and minority neighborhoods, with his last words – "I can not breathe" – becoming a rallying cry for a national movement against police brutality.

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