Medpace profit, top sales; But Medpace Stock plants its 2019 outlook late


Medpace's profits and sales exceeded expectations in the fourth quarter, but forecasts for 2019 were lower than expected, pushing Medpace stocks to collapse Monday night.


After hours trading on the stock market today, Medpace (MEDP) fell by 9.3% after closing a fraction at 70.58. The Medpace stock is very popular. The best possible composite rating is 99, placing stocks in the top 1% of all stocks in terms of key growth parameters.

The shares also have a relative strength rating of 97, which means that Medpace's performance is within 3% of all stocks among the best performing stocks in the last 12 months. The Medpace stock is also ranked fifth on the list of IBD 50 Elite growth stocks.

For the fourth quarter, Medpace's earnings of 75 cents per share, adjusted, stood at 92.3% one year on the other and thus exceeded the consensus of analysts surveyed by Zacks Investment Research. Revenues increased 31.6% to $ 192.12 million and exceeded estimates by $ 185 million.

But the forecast for 2019 has been disappointing. Medpace expects total revenues of between $ 783 and $ 807 million. The midpoint of this outlook has not been estimated at $ 801 million. Medpace's estimated earnings of $ 2.85 to $ 2.69 per share also lagged analysts' views of $ 2.95.


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