Meet the judge who was viral for his creative punishments


Painesville, Ohio, Judge Michael Cicconetti says that he believes in making punishment appropriate to crime.



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  1. I studied criminology as well as law during my combined honours degree and part of the curriculum was restorative justice. The legal system in the UK piloted the principle so that not only the perpetrator had to see what their criminal activities had affected their victims, but it gave the victims the chance to express themselves in their own words how they felt and how it has impacted their lives. Initially the scheme seemed to be having a positive effect on the criminal and the victims. The criminal was made to listen and take in what they had done to their victims and the victim had a chance to get it off their chest. It helped them to come to terms with what happened to them and they are able to move forward with their lives. The criminal also benefitted insomuch that they know there is no victimless crime. So some would be career criminals used the experience to help turn away from crime and a life of jail and criminality. Guess who threw a spanner in the works? The European Court. They decided that this restorative justice was against the criminals human rights. They ruled that they are to be afforded dignity and not to be subject to a situation where they feel they are uncomfortable and they feel humiliated or offended. It hides behind a certain protocol of the Human Rights Act, the right to privacy and the right to human dignity.
    The victims right to be able to live in peaceful existence free from harassment, fear or intimidation is obviously not as important as the right for a criminal to be able to reject answering or listening to their victims. If our Courts were allowed to be able to intervene and impose a punishment more fitting than a jail term or fine for minor offences, such as an act of public humiliation such as the stocks in the Town Square where the people can put a face to the name and give them a good pelting with flour and wet sponges for a couple of hours. The citizens could donate a small amount of money to the Court to participate in the soaking and flouring. This may be used to help compensate the victim, rather than the criminal refusing to pay. I have been a victim of theft and the thief was caught, prosecuted and ordered to pay for the goods he stole and sold. I never received a payment from the thief and the court decided that he was unable and unlikely to pay me so I can whistle. He did however, pay the fine and court fees imposed on him under the threat of arrest and imprisonment for failure to comply, but he was not under the same order for his payment to me. I have seen his name in the local paper several times in Court for theft and burglary and he was eventually jailed, however he had reoffended within weeks of his release and he was returned to jail for the remainder of his sentence. I feel if he was dealt with on a more personal basis like the judge here, he may have changed his attitude towards his criminal activity. However, some people you just can't reach.

  2. No a fan of the interviewer, don’t know if he is trying to show off his swag or something but it is nether polite nor respectful to sit and show body language like that in front of a elderly, especially when that man is a well respected judge

  3. I mean really u get peppered sprayed an all they get is fucking water to the face .. Lmao. Now that's justice. If its that lopsided at times then what about when its a unpaid parking ticket an the judge makes you eat a shit sandwich. Then maybe you'll think about peper spraying a bitch next time. We all know there professional judges an then there's fucking unprofessional dirty corrupt judges. One might be fair doing this. But one might just find it satisfying in a dark weird van down by the river way .. But if its a violent crime I guess its pig fucking time unless of course you masse a bitch. I'm on the fence about this one.

  4. Hello society!!! Sitting in jail will NOT change people! This is the smartest judge!!! Wow! Although the dog punishment should’ve been more like a week in that dump, rather than just eight hours.

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