Meet the voices behind "The Anthem", including a favorite of "Doctor Who"

One thing we noted in our review of Anthem This is how BioWare has managed to maintain its tradition of making us love its characters, creating an incredible link between players and NPCs. Part of this successful execution has been achieved thanks to the incredible facial animations, but mainly to the amazing writing and voices behind these new faces!

With the new IP address of the studio a few days before the release, BioWare wanted to introduce fans to some of the voices behind these characters – including a Doctor Who and Brooklyn Nine-Nine prefer!

Drag 1 of 5Vik Sahay – Matthias Sumner

Matthias Sumner is one of those characters who pleasantly surprised us. In the original trailers of the game, we thought that he would be an irreproachable arcanist, but we were wrong. It's a layered, intelligent character – but with a sense of wit that's easy to miss.

"There are many things. He is a pioneer. He takes risks. He is intelligent, innovative and player. All these things live in him at once, "says Vik about Matthias. "He likes to learn the instruments that, in his opinion, have shaped our world. He grew up an orphan, he had no identity and had to survive. And I think it opened to him for the pursuit of the meaning of life. "

Drag 2 of 5TJ Ramini – Owen Corely

Owen is what happens when Joker from Mass Effect and the Dragon Age Solas have a crazy and strangely awkward night of drunkenness and Owen is the hyper-intelligent and impertinent child of love that results.

"I respect his ambition," says Ramini. "Owen wants to be the best, already considers himself the best. He is probably to be fair to him. But this ambition has a negative impact. "He is so in search of what he wants that he sometimes puts his needs and desires ahead of those of others. Again, because of his immaturity and his blind ambition. This is what is called a blind ambition for a reason. "

Drag 3 of 5Amy Okuda – Ryssa Brin

Brin made me crack, through. Socially awkward, check. Wildly brilliant, check also. She is a member of the Sentinels and, although she usually creates a bond with the player through secret missions beyond the walls.

"Brin is a sentinel at Fort Tarsis; they protect people. So she is tough, "says Amy. "My favorite thing about Brin is that she's tough and I feel like I'm not that bad. She knows what she wants and she will do everything in her power to do the job. But Brin is not totally closed. "All that interests her is her job and she does it well," says Okuda about Brin. "And she realizes that she has to interact with other people so that they can help her and that she can do her job better."

Drag 4 of 5Joe Lo Truglio – Neeson

Neeson Giles may be a launderer, but he is dedicated to his goal and friendly face in Fort Tarsis. Just, be careful. It's a huge gossip.

"Neeson is a guy who wants to be in action, but does not have the ability." Said Joe. "Neeson loves freelancers because they fly and save the world while cleaning underwear." There is only one obstacle "Nobody wants to hang out with Neeson.This is not a terrible guy, he just talks a little too much.He is a little talkative, which n & # 39; He is never an attractive trait, he has a good heart, he wants to be in things. "

Drag 5 of 5Other familiar faces:

Best known for his hilarious work on 30 rocks, McBrayer has done a great job in bringing the friendly bartender to Fort Tarsis to life. "It seems to depend on the advice of others without making its own choices," says Jack about Amal. "Yes, he must defend himself." But Amal has a lot of qualities. "He is an eager person. He has good relations with his boss, Max. You have to have a certain personality to be a good bartender, so I suspect that he was employed of the month at some point in his life. And his appearance? "Oh, Amal is beautiful. Amal is beautiful. "

Doctor who is Catherine Tate also expresses the character Max, a woman who has an eye for clandestine activities and who owns the bar. It's a good person to have on your side, with his relationships extending far and wide both to Fort Tarsis and beyond.

Amongst others:

Anthem versions on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on February 22nd. You can read our full review here, with a small excerpt below:

"Anthem seems to really honor his promise to feel completely new, but thinking of BioWare fans. At first I had the impression that it did not really look like a BioWare game, but over time I realized that it was not quite true. It sounds like a BioWare game in terms of interaction, but mechanically it's very new. As an unconditional fan of the BioWare franchise, it's not a bad thing. It's new and a little buggy, but it works. "

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