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Megadeth Dave Mustaine says he's been diagnosed with throat cancer

Dave Mustaine has been diagnosed with throat cancer.

The leader of Megadeth revealed his diagnosis on Twitter on Monday.


"I was diagnosed with cancer of the throat," the 57-year-old tweeted. "It's clearly something to respect and face, but I've already faced obstacles. I work closely with my doctors and have developed a treatment plan with a success rate of 90%. The treatment has already begun.

"Unfortunately, this requires us to cancel most shows this year," the rocker continued. "The 2019 Megacruise will arrive and the group will be part of it in one form or another. All updated information will be on Megadeth.com as soon as we get them. Megadeth will be back on the road as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Kiko [Loureiro, guitar], David [Ellefson, bass]Dirk [Verbeuren, drums] and I'm in the studio to work on the follow-up of [2016’s] "Dystopia" – that I can not wait for everyone to hear. I am truly grateful to all my team – family, doctors, group members, trainers and more. I will keep everyone informed. See you soon."

Mustaine was a member of Metallica from 1981 to 1983 before being sacked and replaced by Kirk Hammett, reported Blabbermouth.net. He then formed Megadeth and achieved his own worldwide success.

The outlet shared by the native of southern California is considered "the architect of the speed metal movement" and remains faithful 35 years later.

Megadeth is celebrated as one of the most influential and respected metal bands of all time. He has sold more than 38 million albums worldwide and has won seven top 10 albums and 12 Grammy nominations. Megadeth won a Grammy Award 2017 in the category "Best Metal Performance" for the title "Dystopia".


In 2016, Mustaine told Fox News that he was still not bothered by critics.

"It's a little old adage, dogs that do not have teeth bark very hard," he said at the time. I find that the most critical critics are people without real musical education and just bitter … [And] there are lots of people playing music who do not have the gift. "

At the time, Mustaine also said that Clint Eastwood continued to be a source of inspiration for him as an artist.

"My favorite film of Clint Eastwood should undoubtedly return to [1966’s] "Good guys, bad guys and crooks," he explained. "Of course, I like Dirty Harry stuff, you know, like," do my day. "But I think the character that Clint had developed – I mean, he did not even smoke and he had used this cigar as an accessory and it shows how much a very good actor can improvise, take something and make it work … I do not even remember the last record sung that I do not have. I have not photographed yet, was singing … He gives me that kind of brat … kind of attitude, you know?

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