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Meghan Markle Receives Severe Criticism for Holding Baby Archie: "The Poor Baby"

Meghan Markle is a new mother and she is still learning the ropes of parenting. Since the birth of Archie, Meghan has done her best to keep her baby away from the spotlight. However, she recently came out with him, along with Kate Middleton and her children, to support Prince Harry and Prince William in their polo match on King Power Royal Charity Polo Day. But fans quickly noticed how Meghan was wearing the Archie baby.

Meghan Markle Archie
Meghan Markle and Archie | Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty Images

The polo match was Archie's first unannounced appearance

Meghan and Harry made it clear that they wanted to give their son the most private life possible. They only made an appearance with him, that is to say when they introduced him to the world at the age of two days. Since then, the two men have posted photos of him on social media, but most of the photos are not complete pictures of the baby (with the exception of his recently published baptismal pictures). The polo match was the baby's first unannounced appearance, although some people questioned Meghan's need for confidentiality when she took it out in public. But how can the world expect it to keep it in camera?

The fans shamed Meghan for his outfit

Meghan received a lot of criticism during the polo match, and it all started with her outfit. She wore a loose olive green dress that some people suggested looked like a bag. "Nice pictures but what is Meghan wearing? It looks like a bag, "wrote a user. "Why did not she get dressed?" Asked another user. It's unclear why Meghan chose this outfit, but some people came to her defense and suggested that she was a new mother who wanted something laid back to feel comfortable rather than wearing a tight dress. Others have suggested that if Kate had worn anything similar, no one would criticize her for choosing her outfit.

Others criticized the way she held Archie

In addition to Meghan's outfit, people had a real problem with the way she wore Archie. In a photo with Prince Harry, Meghan seems to have trouble carrying the baby, but no one knows the full story. He could have squirmed during the photo and she might have done her best. Anyway, people have suggested that she was hurting the baby the way she was wearing it. "The poor baby looks so uncomfortable to be so transported," wrote a user. The comment had more than 300 likes. Others suggested that the baby was overheating in the warm blanket Meghan had in him, although it was possible that she was only trying to protect him from the public.

Even as a new mother, the duchess can not take a break

It seems that no matter what Meghan does, the fans slam her.
Before getting pregnant, fans often criticized her for her choice of outfits,
spending, attitude and more. Once pregnant, people started coming
a little more and often compliments her pregnancy style, her
shining path around her, the way she was wearing in public despite wearing a
baby. However, it seems that now that Archie is born, criticism has
started once more.

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