Meghan Markle spotted in New York for a presumptive party

NEW YORK (AP) – Meghan Markle was spotted at several posh locations in New York, cradling her baby hump while she was visiting friends for what would be, according to rumor, a baby shower.

Meghan, a 37-year-old pregnant woman, formerly known as the Duchess of Sussex, was spotted Tuesday in The Mark hotel, in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, in a restaurant on the ground floor. Met Breuer ground floor and at the Surrey hotel.

Meghan wore sunglasses, a vintage William trapeze black coat and neutral high heels with a matching bag. While the photographers were waiting in front of the mark, an upscale crib and pink flowers were delivered.

Abigail Spencer, co-star of Meghan's "Suits" TV show, was spotted at one of the rallies.
Meghan and Prince Harry announced the pregnancy in October.

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