Meghan Markle's buddies leave Baby Shower, no Priyanka Chopra but always best friends

Meghan Markle

Celeb GFs Parade Excluding Shower …

No Priyanka, but always best friends

20/02/2019 14H49 PST


2:45 pm: It looks like the party is over, or at least at this point. We invited Meghan's friends, including Amal Clooney and Gayle King, to walk out of the Mark Hotel, where they held the prenatal party.

They entered a lousy winter weather, but still … smiles all around.

Priyanka Chopra could not do it Meghan MarkleThe baby shower – a sure sign that there are problems in paradise for close friends … normally, anyway, but these 2 are of a different breed.

Sources close to Priyanka told TMZ that the actress NE did not show up at the Meghan Baby Shower in New York – despite information going in the opposite direction – and that she was stuck in Los Angeles.

We are told that Priyanka was bogged down on the left side with meetings for a book that she writes.

Although, Meghan's friend Serena Williams New York … It's been a while since Priyanka and she have found time for each other.

Priyanka crossed the pond for Meghan and Prince HarryThe wedding of last summer, but Meghan was not there when Priyanka and Nick Jonas bound the knot in India.

We are told that the December schedule of Meghan just does not match that of Priyanka and Nick endless flow wedding receptions. The Duchess of Sussex has a ton of obligations … and to be pregnant further complicates his social schedule.

Despite the missed connections … we are told that the friendship between Priyanka and Meghan has not changed and that they always talk regularly. No problem here!

Originally Published – 12:49 PT

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