Melania Trump hires staff, creates post-White House office

Its intention is to “maintain ‘Be Best’,” said one of the sources, Trump’s vaguely defined initiative that seeks to help children. While in the White House, “Be Best” existed as a broad initiative with three pillars, comprising children’s health and well-being, online safety and bullying prevention on social media and social media. impact of the opioid crisis on children.

Trump often did not help clarify or expand his platform during his time in the White House, often spending weeks between public events focused on Be Best. The East Wing Policy Office was not well staffed, was occasionally vacant, and had at most one dedicated full-time East Wing employee.

Trump’s post-White House office will be made up of three White House staff, sources confirmed to CNN. Hayley D’Antuono served for four years as the former first lady’s director of operations and travel supervisor, and is now Trump’s chief of staff.

Mary “Casey” Finzer was a low-level assistant in the East Wing office, and one of her jobs was to keep stock in Trump’s “gift cupboard”, according to a source, where the gift items were. kept and packaged for distribution at school. or hospital and travel events. Finzer is now part of Trump’s operational and administrative team after the White House.

Marcia Kelly, who served as Trump’s unpaid senior adviser when she was in the White House, also remains on board for the post-White House office, although it is not clear whether she will now receive a salary.

CNN contacted a representative for Melania Trump and did not immediately receive a response.

The two sources indicate that Trump’s office is currently operating at former President Donald Trump’s private club, Mar-a-Lago, which is also where the former first family lives, and that members of the staff sometimes work remotely. Melania Trump is looking for separate offices in the Palm Beach area.

Melania Trump leaves the White House with the lowest favorability of her term
Melania Trump left the White House with the lowest favorability rating of her tenure as first lady, according to a recent CNN poll.

At 47%, more people have an unfavorable opinion of the first lady now than at any time since CNN first asked about her opinions in February 2016. The poll, conducted by SSRS for CNN, puts Trump’s favorable rating at 42%, with 12% of respondents responding not sure how they feel about the first lady.

Trump’s highest favorable rating in May 2018 was 57 percent, according to a CNN poll conducted at the time, which followed Trump’s first state dinner and attendance at the late first lady’s Texas funeral. Barbara Bush. Trump went to the funeral without her husband.

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