Members of the cast & # 39; Empire & # 39; feel betrayed by Jussie Smollett and want him to be fired


Jussie Smollett

Unexpected for some at & # 39; Empire & # 39; …

Several members of the cast want to see him chop

22/02/2019 01H00 PST


Jussie Smollett betrayed the trust of his colleagues "from the Empire" and damaged the image of the series, and now several members of the cast want it to be written off immediately … according to our sources.

We are told that many "Empire" actors are "furious f ** king" and think that if FOX honchos do not return Jussie, he should stop on his own … because he does not deserves no place show.

The feelings of animosity stem from the fact that everyone on the set had Jussie back after "the attack", but in light of the new evidence the police presented … many of them feel hurt and embarrassed.

Almost everyone on the board is worried about how Smollett damaged the show reputation … and could continue to do it while he remains in the casting.

Now, our sources say that there are still cast members and team who believe that Jussie is telling the truth because they can not understand it remove a hoax like that. We are told that arguments have broken out about the best way to handle the situation.

It seems that Smollett is well aware of the dissension on the set. TMZ broke the story … Jussie arrived on the board Thursday after the madness in court and apologized to everyonebut insisted on his innocence.

We are told that he changed his number because some edgy cast members were blowing his phone. He only gave his new number to the people always in his corner.

Jussie was arrested on Thursday and faces a crime charge disorderly conduct for filing a false police report. He was released after depositing a $ 10,000 bond and was sentenced to have no contact with the Osundairo brothers.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson Jussie's dissatisfaction over his "Empire" salary motivated the trick and says that Smollett was also responsible for the hate letter sent to Fox Studios.


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