Men trying to throw Boy Muni Train Over Music | Viral video on Twitter!


California journalist Anna Sterling shared a video showing two men trying to throw a young man out of the Muni train, apparently because he was playing music too loudly. The video went viral on Twitter in seconds!

Anna Sterling Tweeted; Whoa these two men just tried to throw this kid out of the stuffed train because he was playing too much music. He could easily touch oncoming traffic. This is not good. They try to throw him in the street. You can see it clearly here. He is just a kid. This is not good.

San Francisco police investigate a violent incident on a Muni train on Thursday night. The official Twitter account on SFMTA tweeted the following message: The operator reported the incident last night and we are working with the San Francisco police to conduct a thorough investigation. We shared the train surveillance video with PD as part of this investigation.

Source: Twitter / Anna Sterling

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