Mercedes-Benz made 56-inch ‘Hyperscreen’ for its EQS electric car


The AI ​​adapts the interior to your tastes.

No matter the multi-screen cabins in cars like the Porsche Taycan – Mercedes wants a giant screen that practically dominates your view. The automaker has unveiled a 56-inch Hyperscreen MBUX that will cover almost the full width of the cabin of its luxury EQS EV. It’s not just meant to impress – it features the dashboard, infotainment, and passenger display in a seamless design that does away with unused elements (like the passenger’s view on a solo trip).

The panel uses OLED coated in anti-reflective Gorilla Glass and automatically adjusts brightness through a camera and light sensor – it shouldn’t distract you at night like some on-board displays. It should also be responsive with an eight-core processor (unspecified) and 24GB of RAM.

Hyperscreen’s interface can be as large as its size. Mercedes has a strong focus on the AI ​​that surfaces and suggests features when you need them. It will offer to call a contact if you speak to them regularly on the way home, automatically lift the car based on your location, and even remember your preferred type of massage based on outside temperatures.

The controls may be easier to use than in cars with earlier MBUXs. Mercedes is aiming for a “layer zero” interface where common tasks are immediately available – navigation is always at the center of the screen, for example.

The company is still hesitant about exactly when we can expect the EQS to exceed its vague 2021 target. However, the Hyperscreen teaser offers a clue as to what Mercedes has planned. It will truly be an S-Class for the age of electric cars, including aftermarket cabin technology at no cost.

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