Meteorologist left a 30-page suicide note



The family of a television meteorologist who committed suicide after a laser surgery reported to a series of videos found on his phone and a 30-page suicide note indicating that his suicide on December 12 was related to his operation at Lasik SMILE in October. "We can not attribute anything to that," her husband Dan Rose told ABC News. Jessica Starr, 35, of Fox 2 Detroit, knew that something was wrong a few days after the operation on October 11, he said. She complains of having "incredibly dry eyes" and "having almost no night vision, she had stars that she saw day and night". Rose thinks that Starr has become depressed and "started to withdraw from life". Starr's mother watched her lose 25 pounds. "She said:" I do not eat and I do not sleep, mom, it worries me, I do not think it'll get any better. "

SMILE surgery (extraction of a lenticular lenticule), in which a laser creates a small opening on the eye before modifying corneal tissue, has been performed over 1.5 million times and is considered less invasive than Lasik surgery, according to ABC. Doctors recognize complications, including glare and halos, especially at night. But "compromising complications are extremely rare, at less than 1%," according to the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, which notes that recovery may take "several weeks" or more. Starr contacted several doctors and a therapist while she was suffering for more than two months. "She said," Dan, it's like my eyes and my brain are not communicating as before, I can not deal with them anymore, "recalls Rose, of Fox 2. He adds that the Awareness of the case could save a life. (He is now focused on his two young children.)

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