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It seems like Epic Games is ready to go to war with Steam or at least introduce some competition into what has been a largely monopolized computer gaming market. Epic has aggressively competed with developers and publishers with exclusive deals, thanks to the platform's superior revenue division that allows companies to charge less for their games while earning more money, as with Metro Exodus. However, it seems that some developers are not warned before their games are declared exclusive.

An image appeared on the Metro Exodus subreddit which carries an "activate on Epic" sticker placed on the Steam logo, thus confirming the suspicions that the developer Deep Silver had not been sufficiently informed that his game was an exclusivity of the Epic launcher, decision made by Koch Media.

This means that at the time of making the framed copies of the PC version, the exclusivity agreement had probably not been finalized yet. This news will probably not surprise many fans, the announcement of the limited exclusivity of Epic having taken place just a few weeks before the launch of the game. At this stage, the games are usually fully printed.

There was a vocal minority of fans thwarted by Metro Exodus' punctual exclusivity agreement, decrying the departure of the more complete platform, Steam, and causing the bombardment of the previous entries. However, this makes sense for Deep Silver and the publisher Koch Media from the business point of view. The distribution of income is well suited to developers, Epic and the players themselves. Epic attracts more users for their growing platform, developers earn more money and players pay less. The fact that it requires an extra launcher is a bit annoying, but probably worth the money saved.

Until here, the critical reception at Metro Exodus was pretty positive. In our review of the game, we praised this story well paced, despite some bland characters. It's hard to say what effect the move to Epic will have on game sales, but there is a good chance that the better distribution of revenue will help offset the cost for all fans who skip the match because of the thrower on which he is launched.

Metro Exodus is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

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