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PRI will work from San Lazaro in reducing poverty, Ruiz Massieu offers

The national leader of the tricolor, Claudia Ruiz Massieu, said that they know their powers in the Union Congress, being the opposition. Photo: Archives Cuartoscuro

The PRI in the Congreso de la Unió n will work during the following legislature for the defense of the federal pact and for reduce on Inequality and poverty in the country in the new scenario, but very clearly in the faculties that the party has and in the responsibility that the opposition that are in the legislative branch, has declared Claudia Ruiz Massieu national president of the tricolor

Having confirmed that René Juárez Cisneros will be the coordinator of the deputies of the PRI in the LXIV legislature, and Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong will be the head of the tricolor bench in the Senate of the Republic, the leader said that the political perspective of the party is that he has a smaller representation of what they had always realized in the s Chambers of Congress, but that does not mean that

He pointed out that within the PRI, they carried out an in-depth analysis on the different causes that led them to get the result July 1st. They review attitudes away from citizenship, ways of doing politics, and linking the party to the people, to militancy, to the governments that emerge from our ranks, and to the governments they oppose.

The goal is to send a clear message which was something they needed, a few years ago, to send direct proposals to people, and who are Ruiz Massieu

Then, he says, it is a set of forms, fundamentals, strategies, tactics that separated them from the people, militancy, and that blurred them in their lives. the electoral process.

When talking about causes that led the PRI to get the result of July 1, explained that the party lacked clarity, strength and opportunity to go out to report without deeds or acts of corruption or not subject to public expectations In an interview with the issuance of information For the Mañana Grupo Fórmula, the president of the tricolor explained that measures were taken in the interior of the party, as part of its regulations, "but not we did with the strength that people wanted and we did not do it with the opportunity that these behaviors deserved, and it cost us. "

At the moment, Ruiz Massieu explained, and it's a problem they have to face:" I think that all of us who seriously think know that it's a very relevant question when elections, but that Mexicans have been for a long time. They demand different attitudes of who we left, government, legislators, representatives. "

" Now we have a lot of clarity that we have to behave according to this standard that we demand and that implies great work, "said Ruiz Massieu, 19659003] He pointed out that last year they created the Commission of Partisan Ethics and that it has been replicated throughout the country, "because we are aware that political parties, at least our political party, need a forum constantly monitor and demand from its activists a way of behaving, a form of congruence that meets what people want. "

On a possible change of name of the PRI, Ruiz Massieu explained that everything can be debated when do the national political council, "all that activism wants to discuss needs to be discussed, there should be no problem that is off the table, including the name if it is or is of concern to some, but the question is I do not really enter the causes, the background and the form, "he reiterated.


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