SportsPulse: In a one-on-one encounter with Trysta Krick, Todd Gurley pointed out that he felt good about this early 2019 season and that he was unaware of the multiple reports mentioning components of knee arthritis.

The Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Kendrick Norton was at fault in last week's road accident, which necessitated the amputation of his arm.

According to the accident report obtained by ESPN from the Florida Highway Patrol, Norton was alleged to have made an incorrect lane change when his truck lurched and collided with a Maserati on July 4 in Miami. .

According to the report, alcohol and drugs played no role in the accident, for either driver.

Norton's vehicle crashed against a concrete barrier after being seriously injured, resulting in amputation. The NFL informed Norton Tuesday that its medical expenses would be covered by the league's insurance policies and dolphins.

A GoFundMe page has been created to help you manage your medical bills.

Norton was recovered by Dolphins from the Carolina Panthers practice team last year. He was to participate in training the 53 Dolphins for the 2019 campaign.