It’s clear that Future has left Lori Harvey with his new girlfriend, Dess Dior, but the rumor is booming about Lori’s alleged new man, Michael B. The actor was recently named. PEOPLE‘s Sexiest Man Alive, and while his interview with the publication made it seem like he was single, TMZ reports that he also did a bit of mixing. Jordan was reportedly pictured with Lori Harvey as they disembarked together from a Delta flight in Atlanta. Harvey calls the ATL home, so it’s speculated that the two famous people are celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday together.

It’s unclear exactly when Future and Lori decided to stop working, but it was reported that they went their separate ways just a few months ago in August. Prior to this relationship, Lori was reportedly linked to Diddy, as they were spotted together in Italy in 2019. Meanwhile, Jordan said PEOPLE that the type of woman he is looking for must have “a sense of humor, a real understanding, because [an actor’s] life is not conducive to a relationship – it really is not. “

He added, “Someone who feeds. I have a list. That’s probably why my ass is still single, but yeah, it’s a list.” Jordan, who would one day love to marry and have children, shared the specific qualities he looks for in a woman. “It’s like the lips, the teeth, the mouth. I think I’ve paid more attention to the eyes lately, with these masks,” he says. “I love a woman’s hips, thighs. Hands and feet. And which order you go in, that’s a whole different question.” Check out Jordan and Harvey below.