Michael Cohen is supposed to have plans to become negative about Trump during the testimony


He will also explain how long Mr. Trump continued to ask questions about the draft projects of the Trump Tower in Moscow after the Iowa caucuses held in February 2016. Mr. Cohen pleaded guilty last November to have lied in front of the Congress in his testimony on the duration of the discussions on the Moscow project.

Mr. Cohen was receiving $ 35,000 a month under what Mr. Trump's lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, described as a warrant, part of which was a refund of the payment to Ms. Daniels. There has never been a mandate agreement between Mr. Cohen and Mr. Trump or the Trump organization, said the person familiar with the payments.

The person informed of Mr. Cohen's plans stated that he was considering bringing documents that would illustrate his remarks. The person aware of the plans indicated that Mr. Cohen will provide other documents than the financial statements, but did not specify what these documents might be. The documents will be shared so that viewers can see them, said the person.

He is willing to describe Mr. Trump's racist statements, as well as lies or fraud in business. Last fall, Mr. Cohen told Vanity Fair that Mr. Trump frequently used racist language, explaining to the magazine that his former boss had said in the 2016 campaign that "blacks are too stupid to vote for me".

He will also describe the president increasing or devaluing his net worth, referring to a financial statement of Mr. Trump that Mr. Cohen has in his possession, said the person. These financial statements can not be independently verified without Mr. Trump's tax returns, which he never made public, the person said.

Mr. Cohen's main purpose is to explain why his approach and view of Mr. Trump has changed. In an interview with ABC News last year, Mr. Cohen stated that he no longer wanted to lie and that his priorities were his children, his family and his country.

Mr. Cohen spent more than 70 hours with the investigators of the special advocate investigating a possible plot as part of the Trump campaign with Russian officials, as well as with investigators from the Southern District of New York.

The office of the special council stated that his information was truthful and useful in his investigations; Manhattan attorneys validated Mr. Cohen's claims about Mr. Trump and the hidden cash payments on their records.

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