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The grouping of NFL scouts in Indianapolis is not just about the project.

After all, when all the energy brokers of each NFL team mingle with players' agents in the same Midwestern town, with its easily accessible downtown scene, everything is on the table.

Trade talks – potentially involving Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham and others – will heat up. Prolonged talks will lead to some transactions and the interest of the independent agents will be measured since official discussions over the edge can start legally in two weeks.

But the focus will be on prospect projects. And before the 49ers have the opportunity to add players to the status of free players, here's how they could look to fill their needs in the repechage, which must take place from April 25 to 27:

Edge Josh Allen, Kentucky

First round, No. 2 general
Regardless of whether the 49ers acquire a seasoned free tackle – and we can expect them to be active in this area – General Choice # 2 could easily be a problem.

Nick Bosa or Allen.

It could be as simple as that for the 49ers with the number 2 pick in the draft. Of course, the 49ers have other needs, but the addition of an advanced rebound in player freedom and the best player they can get in the draft would have a huge impact at all levels of the defense. team.

Bosa remains the player most likely to be chosen in the forefront. But the Arizona Cardinals could also get along with defensive tackle Quinnen Williams, Allen or Alabama, or with a wild card, like Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray.

The 49ers need a player whose job is simple: line up on the third and get after the quarterback. Allen's skills and character are perfect for any defensive system..

WR Deebo Samuel, South Carolina

Second round, No. 36 in general
The 49ers selected a wide receiver, Dante Pettis, in the second round of last year's repechage. And they could have already acquired a wide receiver proven on the trade market at the time of the repechage.

Samuel was impressive during the week at the Senior Bowl. His speed and variety of moves allowed him to turn back on defensive backs powerless to cover him. He has a good size and good hands. He would be a starter and the target of the red zone coveted by his coach Kyle Shanahan.

OG Michael Deiter, Wisconsin

Third round, No. 67 in general
Veteran goaltender Mike Person has been useful as a 16-game starter to the right guard. The other four positions along the 49ers offensive line are defined. This is where the 49ers will be looking to upgrade.

Deiter played all the positions on the offensive line during his academic career. His knowledge, intelligence and athleticism would suit Shanahan's ploy. Deiter, the best offensive lineman of the year, broke the Wisconsin record with 54 starts.

He should be quick to adapt to the offensive and get the first job at times during the first week of the regular season.

LB Terrill Hanks, State of New Mexico

Fourth round, No. 104 in general
Reuben Foster is a distant and forgettable memory of the 49ers who will be looking to play somebody alongside linebacker Fred Warner.

The team has a decision on Malcolm Smith, whose best position is the linebacker position. He has not been in good health for two seasons since signing with the team, which allowed the team to leave. Elijah Lee has performed well in five starts.

Hanks is a bit forgotten, mainly because he did not attend a college football game. He was very impressive at Senior Bowl while being coached by 49ers staff.

CB Saivion Smith, Alabama

Sixth round, No. 176 overall
Smith has a good size and good abilities. He attended three colleges and finished a season in Alabama. In the sixth round, it is worth the detour.

If the 49ers do not add free players – the veteran corner players are lean – the club could let the team's third round picks, Ahkello Witherspoon and Tarvarious Moore, compete for the job against Richard Sherman. Smith is involved as a development actor and possibly for special teams and depth.

TE Drew Sample, Washington

Sixth round, No. 212 in general
Yes, we realize that the 49ers have a pretty good start. It's a guy named Kittle. Perhaps you have heard of him.

But the 49ers could use a narrow, young and polite end, which could serve as a reinforcement capable of giving the offensive more options in two-player formations. Sample taken only 25 passes as a senior with three touchdowns. There is a lot of room to develop as a pass-catcher, and he's already a solid blocker.

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